At Orlebar Brown, we believe holidays are the very best time with family and friends. You create memories and see wonderful places. Expand the mind. Relax the body. Release the soul. 

We know that to enjoy our products, we all contribute to climate change. From sourcing, manufacturing, to distribution and our operations… To the holidaying itself. All of these factors impact the environment. In 2018 we made a commitment to be a more sustainable company and decided that to do so we must first MEASURE our impact on the environment. Then we REDUCE in every way we can; this includes introducing more sustainable fabric bases into our products. By 2023, we aim to be using only 100% recycled materials. And then finally, we REBALANCE our carbon output towards becoming a carbon negative company - a goal we will achieve by the end of 2021.


We design our products to be worn in and around
the water where significant amounts of plastic waste
accumulate. To support cleaner oceans, we are
beginning to change the synthetic fabrics used
for our swim shorts and outerwear by utilising
recycled plastic waste instead.


The environmental benefits of using organic cotton

include a reduction in water and energy usage in

addition to greenhouse gas emissions. Cotton is

also grown without the use of synthetic pesticides,

reducing the environmental impact on both people

and the planet.


We use mulesing* free Merino to guarantee that the

animals in our supply chain do not suffer. Our next

step is to use only certified wool that focuses on good

animal welfare through traceability back to the farms.

* Mulesing is a procedure that removes strips of

wool-bearing skin from around the breech of a sheep

to prevent the parasitic infection flystrike. We believe

this a painful and unnecessary process.


As with wool, we care about animal welfare

and are committed to only using certified down.